Some famous bimbo once sang. "Whoops I did it again". Recently my wife wrote off her 05 Mazda 3. She had low blood sugar and blacked out completely. She Remembers nothing. She is fine.

So its time to find a new car... after hours of wrangling and searching and cheesy car saleman we stop by the jeep dealership. I have been secretly coveting a new Rubicon. I even snapped a photo incase I got the chance to purchase one. I was trying to figure out the color. Orange looked cool.

We tried to drive around the lot and see if they had any used Grand Cherokees. We had recently been on a trip in one and were quite impressed. After driving around the lot for a while we stop and we jump out of our car hoping to avoid any saleman and bam a saleman is literally right there. We tried to run but we were caught. The saleman even heard me say damn a saleman. The saleman laughed. We told Matt the salesman our sad story. He had us running around looking at Grand Cherokees. At some point Hanna gets brave and says she wants to see the liberties. Yes maybe my jeep addiction has struck her. She hadn't given much input up till this point so I was excited. After all it will be her car. After a few test drives she decides on the color. We go into to make the deal. Matt was a gentleman and a good saleman. I told him look give us a fair deal and we won't nickle and dime you to death. Matt did the oddest thing and did just that. He gave us a smoking deal on our Liberty.

Too bad the whole process was interupted countless times by Sundance and their computer woes. The problems got so bad I eventually had to leave the dealership with Hanna, My Mom and my Sister in tow. We left with out signing the papers. We told Matt to get it all ready and we would be back. The look on his face was classic. It was like we had just killed his puppy. 3.5 hours later we were back and Matt looked relieved. We signed all the papers and were ready to go. I had joked with Matt that if he did the numbers right I would buy a Rubicon.

We were ready to leave when Matt asked us to wait for just a few minutes. I said we needed to visit the store and we would be back in 10. We came back and he had done the numbers and again offered us a deal on a Rubicon, the same rubi i had photographed hours earlier. It was cheaper than the red jeep by a 1k and the payments were less than my current ones. I paused for a few minutes, looked at Hanna and said well. She said I don't care. So I took the plunge and now we have two new jeeps. One rubi loaded and one liberty loaded. My 5th and 6th new jeeps since 1993.

So goodbye red jeep hello orange jeep. The funniest part of the whole deal was no one realized the Rubi was a dual top. I got a $750 upgrade for free. It wasn't even listed on the sticker. It wasn't until this photo and I got in and noticed it had a soft top also.


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